Vulcan Vector RDA (Authentic)

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Vulcan Vector RDA (Authentic)

The Vector RDA features eight vertical intakes that are precisely angled and aligned to directly hover above your coil(s), sending a strong and focused airstream both at and around them. The result? A rich, dense mixture of air/flavor ‘scooped’ up as you pull through the wide-bore AFC drip-cap. Also staying true to tradition, all parts of the Vector are machined from a solid rod of stainless steel. The Vector retains the same signature under-passing juice well as the Vulcan but now has larger post holes and a spin-proof center post. The top-feed air chamber is a leak-free design that allows you to lay your setup down without worry. The Vector has the design and function that you've come to expect in perfectionist Japanese production.


  • -Full 303 stainless steel
  • -Single solid-piece construction
  • -Vertical top-feed air intake
  • -Super wide-bore AFC drip cap
  • -Leak-free design
  • -Signature under-passing juice well
  • -Large post holes
  • -'Squircular' center post base
  • -Pure red copper contact
  • -Peek insulator
  • -Unparalleled machining
  • -Intended for advanced users only