Shipping ?s


Who do you use for shipping?

We use USPS for all of our services to ship domestic and internationally.  USPS is the least expensive option for us to ship our customer’s products in a timely manner.

What are delivery times for USPS standard delivery and USPS Priority Mail?

It is very difficult for us to give an exact estimate of how long shipping times take across the country. Generally, using USPS First Class Mail, the expected amount of time it takes is usually 3-5 business days. We have had packages arrive across the country within as little time as 3 days. USPS Priority Mail is a bit faster and will arrive in 1-3 business days.  Shipping times may vary depending on your location in the USA. 

Will I receive a tracking number?

VT USA issues a tracking number for every order that we process through our facility.  You will receive a tracking number once we process the order and put it in the hands of the post office.  Your tracking number may not update for up to 24 hours and we have seen on some occasions it never updates until it arrives at the customers doorstep. USPS has a margin of error in their processes so make sure you give it time to deliver before contacting us. 

What are shipping charges?

Our shipping charges are based off of weight and where it is being delivered. International shipments of course cost more than domestic shipments. Our system will calculate shipping for you automatically upon check out. 

My package was lost and/or damaged during shipment.  What do I do now?

USPS provides a great service with very affordable prices. USPS does however make mistakes and may mis-route or lose packages, unfortunately these errors are out of our control and we are not responsible for errors or delays once the package leaves our facility. If you have an issue with an shipment or your package was damaged you need to take your complaint to USPS and speak to customer service. We offer very cheap insurance through USPS. You may choose to purchase insurance on your package in case a package is lost, stolen, or delivered to the wrong address. If you opt out of the insurance the package is not our responsibility and we will not refund or replace any packages lost or damaged in the shipping process. If a package is showing delivered and you did not receive your package you may want to speak to your neighbors or contact USPS. Packages will get lost, stolen or damaged and we strongly encourage you to purchase insurance! ALSO, USPS covers Priority packages up to $100 USD worth in merchandise. So with priority, you get speed and comfort.. Unless your merchandise is over $100 USD. If it is, feel free to purchase insurance with your over $100 USD Priority package.  

International Shipments 

International shipments are treated the same as domestic shipments. If you are ordering internationally you must be aware of your country’s customs laws, rules, and regulations for vapor products.  We will not be responsible for delays, damage, or seizures of your package being delivered.  

We process international shipments and send out with the rest of our orders. You are emailed a tracking number and once it leaves our facility it is out of our control. It is your responsibility to check your email or your account and track your shipment. We cannot answer hundreds of emails regarding tracking of a package.  

If there is a problem with your shipment and it is delay or the tracking is frozen in a particular port we have no way of determining where you package is when it leaves the states.  USPS has an 800 number that you can call for assistance.  

You can copy and paste your tracking number into the track and confirm platform on the USPS website. RIGHT HERE