Give Yourself Proper Time When it Comes to Using and Maintaining Your MOD

Give Yourself Proper Time When it Comes to Using and Maintaining Your MOD

Posted by VAPORTEK USA on 31st Dec 2016

You may have vaped disposable e-cigs in the beginning before moving up to normal e-cigs, or perhaps started vaping traditional e-cigs in the past, but then you went on to use a vape pen for a while. Now you’re moving up in the world of being a modder. Before you jump in with both feet, only to find yourself frustrated, realize that it takes time to get used to using MODs.

Doing it Right Takes Time

If you’re used to e-cigs or small vape pens, you may have a difficult time at first getting used to using a MOD. It may take a while before you get used to carrying it around with you and holding it in your hand.

Another thing that will require your patience when you start vaping with a MOD is that it is more complex to use than your average e-cig as well as more powerful.


One of the reasons that many vapers like to use MODs are because of the variety and options that come with using them, yet this is another reason why it takes time to properly use it.

Some Important Things to Know about Modding

Something that you should understand about a MOD; it is that not all of them have circuitry and prevention features to keep it from overheating, breaking, or the battery dying out quickly. What this means for a new modder is that they should understand that they can't just spend a long-time vaping without exercising caution. Purchasing a temperature control MOD (a MOD that allows you to control the temp of the device as you vape) can solve most of those potential issues for a newbie modder.

Some MODs do include a feature for vapers to be able to change voltage. For newbies, it’s important that they get used to changing it every now and then to prevent damage and to ensure that your MOD lasts for a long time.

Another reason to be mindful about voltage and possibly even decide on one that offers you the option to change it is that it provides you with flexibility with your flavors and vapor.

The RBA (rebuildable atomizer) can make your step into the MOD world seem even more confusing. It isn't as easy as 1-2-3 to use it and takes some time to understand how to use it, put it together, and perform maintenance on it. A big benefit that you’ll get from using an RBA is that you’ll be able to use your MOD all day without having to refill the juice on a constant basis.

Exercise caution before building your atomizer and realize that you should know about voltage and amp, using kanthal wick and silica wick.

Using a MOD has many benefits, such as better flavors, battery life, and durability, yet it does take a while to get used to the maintenance. Once you get used to its size and need for upkeep, it’s definitely a step-up in flavor and variety from a regular vape pen or e-cig. The MOD is ideal for anyone who’s already an avid vaper who enjoys it enough to stay dedicated to changing voltage power, using a RBA, and keeping up with taking care of it.