A Tidy Vaper is a Happy Vaper

A Tidy Vaper is a Happy Vaper

Posted by VAPORTEK USA on 31st Dec 2016

Buying vaping materials and e-liquids and creating your own vaping experience is fun, but a vaping hobby can quickly lead to a mess (sometimes an expensive one at that). This isn't good for your home life or your vaping enjoyment. With that said, we'll explain why a clean vaper is a happy vaper, as well as share some of our favorite tips for cleaning up your vaping space.

Why Vaping Clean Matters

Most experienced vapers, whether they enjoy building their own devices or not, find that they end up collecting a variety of vaping parts and pieces. Atomizers, batteries, liquids, and tanks all add up, and many standard components are interchangeable, making it tempting to keep old parts around, even if it isn't needed. All this clutter can lead to confusion and annoyance when trying to vape. If you find yourself swapping through multiple non-working batteries or atomizers in a quest to vape, you know what a hassle this can be. Additionally, for those doing coil building, it is important to keep a tidy workspace to build in. Disorganized clutter can lead to missing parts, and some specialized components are both small and expensive.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, if your vaping device itself becomes dirty, it’ll significantly impact the quality of your vapes and the efficiency of the device. A dirty device has reduced airflow, making vapor clouds difficult to produce. Stick residue on old coils or in the mouthpiece can have a huge effect on the flavor of your e-juice as well.

Getting Organized

The first step to a clean vaping experience is organizing your space and materials. Wherever you keep your device and any extra parts, ensure that they all have a place. Buying a few small, plastic storage containers, such as those for spare nails, tool parts, etc., makes this easier. Simply store similar component types in the same container. For even easier access, label the containers with a piece of tape and permanent marker.

If you have multiple complete vaping pens or devices, consider buying portable, odor-masking storage containers. These will protect your device and make individual devices easy to grab and use.

When finished with a device or a part, make sure it goes back into its proper spot, and if it isn't working, don't be afraid to throw it out.

Keeping Devices Clean

When it comes to cleaning your vaping devices and parts, the battery connection and tank will be the parts to focus on. Typical 510 connections can be wiped down with a small piece of folded paper towel. If the area is sticky, as virtually all tanks will have some seepage or leakage, an alcohol swab is perfect for cutting through the build-up. Be careful about using rubbing alcohol on any painted parts, however, as it’ll strip the paint quickly. For refillable tanks, check the base where the coil is screwed in for any residue and simple battery/cartomizer connections can be cleaned with a quick wipe of the 510 pin on the battery.

It's easy to let clutter or residue pile up, but doing so will limit the time and enjoyment you get from your vaping device. Regardless of the device you own or where you vape, keeping your area organized and cleaned will maximize your investment and your experience.