3 Ways to Properly Break-In Your New Vape Coil - Part 2

3 Ways to Properly Break-In Your New Vape Coil - Part 2

Posted by VAPORTEK USA on 20th Dec 2016

After replacing your coils, the next most important thing is to break-in your new coils. When you replace your coils, you have to do the same for your wicking material. Therefore, you need to prime the coil and ensure that your wicking material is saturated. This will prevent the coils from burning your cotton wool, once hot, hence, preventing burnt flavors. Breaking-in your coil is also important in improving the lifespan of your coils and as well as intensifying your flavors. There are three major ways in which vapers can prime their new vape coils.

Suction Method

This is the fastest way to get break-in your new coils. So how does this method work? First, you have to start by creating a vacuum. This will see to it that the wicking material takes up the e-liquid faster. Once you have properly set your new coils, block the air inflows. This will ensure that no air gets in. Next, start taking some dry hits. When doing so, do not power your battery. Perhaps, the reason why this method is also referred to as the No Power Method. Take a maximum of five dry hits, all while checking not to flood your coils or get the e-juice into your mouth.


Also known as the vibrating method, this is also a no-power method of breaking-in new coils. With the shaking method, you just have to fill your vaping device with your poison. After that, start shaking the vaping device as hard as you can. The reason for this is to create air bubbles. This method works under the assumption that the air bubbles created will help to push up the e-juice much faster. This is also among the very fast methods of getting your coils primed.


If you are in no hurry to start vaping, this method is most ideal. All you have to do is wait around for your coils to warm up all by themselves. The disadvantage of this method is that one has to wait for about twenty minutes before they can start vaping. Other than that, this proves to be the best method of the break-in coil methods. Those who are patient enough are rewarded with high quality uncompromised draws.

Bottom Line

Priming your coils can be done in a number of ways. However, the above three methods prove to work for everybody, including newbies. Although most people will swear that some of these methods ruin the flavor, it might not be the case. What you do once you have primed your coils is very important. You are advised not to start by applying too much power. Apply a low voltage that will still enable you get a good hit. Then start off by taking dry hits but do not inhale the flavor. Try taking a few hits then exhaling. Do these a few times and you are good to good. Following this, you are guaranteed of the best vaping experience.