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Global's distributor of no.1 Japanese vape cotton that brings vaping to a whole new level. Kendo Vape Cotton's superiority gives you the pleasure of vaping.

"A Class Of Its Own"




Reviews (23)

The best cotton for rda's

Written by Shawn B. on 20th Jan 2017

This is the best cotton I've bought, wow the flavor you get from your e-liquid out of an rda is ridiculous good! Hate I spent money on others before I found this cotton. Will definitely reorder more as needed!

Great product

Written by Chris on 24th Nov 2016

Nice little pouch of wicking that goes with you anywhere, kind of like a best friend or a shadow except more cloud-like!

The best cotton!

Written by Glenn Wolf on 18th Nov 2016

I recently purchased this and I love it. This cotton wicks great, tastes great, and lasts far longer than other products I've used.

Kendo Cotton

Written by Roy Graham on 16th Oct 2016

I'm loving this cotton so far. Have been using the same wick for a little over a week now. That is while running an .04 build in my RDA. Shipping was rat took 2 days to arrived. They were spot on with shipping. Will I order again? You can bet on it. Love Kendo Cotton


Written by Fabrianne Martin on 4th Aug 2016

Was using the cheap cotton squares which were OK but I wasn't getting the flavor I knew I was suppose to get using the coils I was building so I switched to kendo. Major improvement on not only taste but resisting burning and longer life. Kendo will be the only cotton I use now. Highly recommend and worth paying the higher price over the cheap cotton squares. Won't be disappointed.

Cotton like no other.

Written by CODY GALLO on 31st May 2016

I used to be a firm believer of "cotton is cotton". The organic cotton from whole foods, cotton bacon, cotton candy vape cotton, japanese cotton; was all the same stuff to me in a prettier package. Kendo Vaping cotton however is out of this world. Absolutely no break in time, which means none of that cotton taste, stays saturated for ages and holds flavor like no other. Its amazing and i highly recommend it for everyone.

great cotton with no cotton flavor

Written by Christopher Baird on 11th Mar 2016

This is not quite as easy to work with as the gold edition but its just as good, has literally no break in time and no cotton flavor or any weirdness going on. This is definitely a product I would recommended to anyone who rebuilds.

Great Cotton.

Written by Justin on 5th Feb 2016

Cotton is great. Works well in my Kennedy. Like it much more then Cotton Bacon. Also very fast shipping from Vapor Tek. I most definitely will be ordering from VTU again.

excellent wicking

Written by Tommy on 3rd Jan 2016

Don't let the tiny bag fool you, this stuff comes in a fairly large ball of wicking. If I do get any "earthy" taste that a normal fresh wick gives it's only for a couple drips. Definitely a must buy for a series box user.

love this cotton

Written by undefined on 2nd Jan 2016

I've tried several types of cotton and this one is my favorite by far. Give it a shot and you'll see why. Also vapor tech was awesome and it arrived in just a few even though I order it during the holidays.


Written by Chris on 29th Dec 2015

Flavor is great. Perfect for hot or series builds. Definitely will be buying more

Best cotton I've used.

Written by Kevin on 25th Dec 2015

Everything description says about this stuff is spot on. Wish it came in bigger bags. Shipping was fast.


Written by peter on 14th Dec 2015

This stuff is so easy to deal with, and is very absorbent. Fast shipping... Great product overall worth the money

Not Received

Written by Vapor Tek USA Team on 16th Nov 2015

Not Received From Vapor Tek USA Team Could you provide a name or email address so we can address your order. We have not outstanding orders in our system for this product and want to assist in determining why you have not received your order. Please contact our customer support for further assistance.

My friends say it's great but I wouldn't know because Vapor Tek took close to a week to ship my priority mail order.

Written by undefined on 15th Nov 2015

Never ordering from vapor Tek USA again and advising all my friends to do the same.

Fantastic product!

Written by BMGPredator on 2nd Nov 2015

Great stuff, much better than regular cotton. Similar absorption to the sushi roll wicking but with better flavor. Great for lungpunching and taking that shit deep.


Written by Robert on 29th Oct 2015

This stuff is awesome. It produces a more flavorful vaping experience. It's a little bit pricey for what you get but it will totally amaze you based on its performance.

It lives up to the hype

Written by Dan on 26th Oct 2015

this cotton definitely lives up to the hype , so for lil no no dry hits, super absorbent ,last longer between wicking , flavor is on point , my only con is price point, if it were cheaper id use this product exclusively, dont take my word, pick you up some kendo vape cotton and try it for yourself .... shipping is always quick and Vaportek always has the best prices!

I'm a believer, Kendo Cotton is NOW the only brand I'll use

Written by undefined on 24th Oct 2015

Re-wicked a 28 gauge tiger wire build in my tugboat a few hours ago using this cotton and all I can say is WOW... I was a little skeptical at first thinking that it couldn't be that much better than Japanese organic or cotton bacon, but it's is VERY noticeable from your first pull and still going very strong. The cotton is extremely fluffy and doesn't come in sheets, it's packaged as one large cotton ball. If you let the cotton sit for 20 minutes and absorb the e-juice there is no break in, and the flavor is absolutely THE BEST... Do not hesitate to buy!

So far great

Written by Christer on 21st Oct 2015

Only had this for a couple days but so far everything is fantastic. No odor, wicks really well and has seemed to last a long time. It's not a very big package so you are definitely paying a premium. I'm a fan. Got it fast too.

Really good cotton - great for drippers.

Written by Geb on 20th Oct 2015

Got this item shipped really fast from Vaportek. I'd heard a lot of good things about this cotton on youtube. It's true - once you set the cotton up it wicks like a champ in your atty and soaks up he juice well. I tried some in my Kayfun and while it wicked well, my cotton and coil got gunked up in only one or two tanks - leading to poor taste quickly. japanese kogo styled cotton works better in a Kayfun. I'll be using this cotton a lot in my dripper. It doesn't seem to burn and you can change flavors quickly - the taste of the old juice doesn't bleed through. All in all I'd recommend Kendo cotton.

Don't waste your money

Written by undefined on 13th Oct 2015

Kendo cotton is terrible. I am going back to cotton bacon v2. This cotton constantly burns and breaks inside my coils. It cannot handle high wattage/voltage vaping. I'm using a triple series PWM box and this cotton is severely lacking. I will not buy kendo again.

vape dream clouds

Written by Chris Dimiceli on 1st Oct 2015

Really soaks up the juice, great against heat fatigue no break in taste. Ordered one to try, liked it so much I ordered 3 more bags. A bit pricey but well worth it doesn't look like much in the bag but is very fluffy. My opinion better than jap cotton awesome stuff V.T always has good product an little bit different stuff than other sites. Thanks vapor tec

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