Fraud Prevention

We have one of the most stringent fraud detection suites for our online customers. We are partnered with a company that will score each transaction to ensure that transactions are secure and not fraudulent. If you attempted to place an order and were declined then you need to take a look at the billing address, shipping address, and whether or not the AVS or CVV code match the card that you are using.

If you place an order and find that it was cancelled and refunded then your order did not pass our fraud detection suite. You may attempt to order again using different parameters to see if it will pass the test. We can not guarantee that your order will be fulfilled.

There are high risk countries that are flagged by our fraud platform and you simply may not be able to order from certain countries. These high risk countries are determined by the amount of fraud that is generated out of a particular country. It is our desire to support as many countries as we can for vaping products but it is also our duty to keep our customers safe and free from fraudulent credit card transactions.

Here at Vapor Tek USA we take charge backs very seriously as it has an adverse effect on our business. If we receive charge backs, they are reported to our fraud suite investigation team and they will pursue any fraudulent charge backs.

Please feel free to contact anytime if you have questoins regarding the ordering process and our fraud prevention. Conatact us via our customer support tab on the front page of our site. Click the HELP bubble in the bottom right hand corner of the page.