Cool Mango Berry

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Mango with a hint of Koolda

Reviews (4)

Nice menthol

Written by Dustin Pope on 9th Sep 2014

A nice light menthol but it could use more fruit flavor.

great stuff

Written by Joshua Linker on 11th Jun 2014

I love this flavor and the only reason it didn't get a 5 star rating is because I tried the pineapple mango and it blew me out of the water but yea still really really good.

Must reorder!!

Written by John Hogue on 20th Dec 2013

I got this as a sample when I ordered my Hybrid Elite....WOW! I got it as a freebie, been hitting it all week and love it. Great balance of mango and berry with a cool menthol finish, not too heavy on the menthol.

One of the greatest juices

Written by bobby kitchens on 14th Dec 2013

I ordered flavorz by joe, and I believe they gave me this as a sample. Well this is one of the greatest juices ever. I did not think their juice would this good. It has cool berry flavor on inhale but a cool mango on exhale. I have posted on many forums about this juice. If your on the fence, I promise you will not be sorry.

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